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Day 15 – Wednesday 19th March 2014

Week 3: Receive Jesus’ Kingdom: REVIVAL and TRANSFORMATION through Us – His Church

By Reverend Harry Goodhew, Sydney, NSW
Spheres of Influence: Religion – Anglican Church


Intention: We declare – The Life of Christ in us – His Church!

Biblical Promise: Ephesians 3:16 (NKJV) – “that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man…”

Receive God’s Promises as His Church:
Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians is full of the grace of God bringing us new life and eternal salvation.
This verse as part of the paragraph from verse 14 to 21 reminds us of two things.
First that God is the giver of spiritual strength and vitality.
Second, that he is to be petitioned for this gracious work within. Therefore let us join Paul in this prayer for the inward strengthening that comes by the Holy Spirit.

• Pray for the inner strength of God in your life and that of your listed friends.
• Pray for and partner to pray regularly with those who are drained by illness, care burdens, loss, disappointment and grief – for the spiritual strength and vitality of Christ to enable them and our support responses to them.
• Pray church leaders are strengthened with might through God’s Spirit in their inner man.
• Pray for God’s church to partner with him in his REVIVAL of our nation.
• Pray that the grace and the power of a personal relationship with God will enable us to live a sexually pure, holy life by and see a REVIVAL of sexual purity in our nation.
• Pray for an outpouring of Holy Spirit fire to activate us with God in his REVIVAL and transformation of Australia.

Activate God’s Promises as His Church:
• Intentionally reach out to people you know who need the strength of Christ to enable them in their circumstances – especially those who are vulnerable due to disability, sickness, dementia , mental illness etc.
• During the 40 Days you may like to write to those who have influenced your spiritual journey to express your thanksgiving for God’s influence through them.

Reverend Harry Goodhew
Former Anglican Archbishop of Sydney

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