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Day 18 – Saturday 22nd March 2014

Week 3: Receive Jesus’ Kingdom: REVIVAL and TRANSFORMATION through Us – His Church

By Pastor Wayne Alcorn, Brisbane, Queensland
Spheres of Influence: Religion


Intention: We see a nation of believers who genuinely seek Him with all their heart!

Biblical Promise: Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV) – “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Receive God’s Promises as His Church:
Life in the 21st-century can be challenging. There are so many demands and so many distractions – all of which are calling out for our time, for our money and even for our affections. Followers of Jesus are not immune from these issues; all of which have the capacity to erode the important things of life; particularly our faith and prayer life.

There is a promise given in Jeremiah 29:13. It comes in the form of an invitation: ‘You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.’ The big word in that verse is ‘all’. The depth of our relationship with God and the effectiveness of our prayer life starts with an undivided heart – choosing to nullify those things that call for our attention and devotion.

Three things you need to know about those with a divided heart:
1. They are distracted – ever so busy, yet leaving a path of unkept promises, unfinished projects. There are just no margins for the important.
2. They are torn – pressure and tension will always arise when we try to serve two masters. How often does the Bible celebrate the spiritual pursuit of ‘one thing’?
3. They are compromised – because we’re trying to please more than one ‘king’ in our lives.

In a world filled with many voices; all luring, all demanding, we must make choices that reflect the Lordship of Jesus. Here’s the good news. Responding to His call to love Him with all our heart will result in that which can only satisfy our soul and yield answered prayer.

• Pray and fast for a deepening and wholehearted love for God.
• Invite the Lord to enable you to live a sexually pure, holy life and pray for a REVIVAL of sexual purity in our nation.
• Pray that your listed friends will know the joy of living a new life in Jesus Christ.

Activate God’s Promises as His Church:
Take the time …weeks if necessary… to discern between what the Father has you doing and the extras you may be doing out of a divided heart. (John 5:19, 36)

Wayne Alcorn
National President of Australian Christian Churches

Senior Pastor of Hope Centre International

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