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DAY 21: Tues 10 March 2015

WEEK 4: Delight In Declaring What Your Father Is Saying
DESTINY QUESTION: Lord, What is my Life Message?
Knowing your testimony will enable you to carry the gospel of Jesus in how you live and in what you say. Your key life scriptures, and prophetic words spoken by others, may help you discern God’s answers to your DESTINY Questions. Seek God’s revelation of your DESTINY beyond these 40 days until you have one sentence answers to all the questions.
Journal what you hear and how this helps define your DESTINY journey.

QUICK DEVOTIONAL: Read the words in blue.

DELIGHT in who Jesus is: John 8:21-30 The Passion Translation. “I only do that which delights His heart.” (John 8:29)

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DELIGHT in how clearly Jesus knew His authority in the Father.
Jesus said, “I am not from this world like you are. That’s why I’ve told you that you will all die in your sins if you fail to believe that I AM who I AM.” So they asked Him plainly, “Who are you?” “I AM the one I’ve always claimed to be…I will testify to the world of the truths I have heard from My Father, and the Father who has sent me is trustworthy. I only speak the truth that the Father has revealed to me. I am His messenger and He is always with Me, for I only do that which delights His heart.” (John 8:24-26,29) We begin to get in touch with the Father’s desires in our heart by paying attention to tiny desires, tiny preferences. The fulfilment of DESTINY can seem like a mirage in the desert that disappears as you approach. The road to getting the big desires of the heart answered is to say ‘Yes’ to the small desires. (Hill 2014) DELIGHT in your Father and His authority by only saying what the Father has revealed to you, as His messenger, and only doing that which delights His heart (John 8:28-29.)

DISCERN: What is the Father inviting you to say to those around you?

DELIGHT in the tender truth that Your Father listens to every word you speak!

ASK the Father what He would love to hear you say. Listen…so you can DELIGHT His heart!

DIVINE DESTINY. Our DESTINY is a divine world and a divine life – in the kingdom of heaven! “It is a world and a life that ordinary people have entered and are entering even now. It is a world that is open to us to enter on earth. We feel its call.” (Willard 2014 p ix) “You are really walking in the good news of the kingdom if you can go with confidence to any of the hopeless people around you and effortlessly convey assurance that they can enter a blessed life with God,” simply saying, “’Repent, for life in the kingdom is now one of your options.’” (Willard 1998 p138, 150) God has positioned you among people who are drawn to you, so to bring the gospel to them, you only need to be yourself – who you truly are in Christ. You are the person most suited to reach the ones God leads you to!

CONTINUE TO PRACTISE SHARING who Jesus to you – the good and relevant news that Jesus has come to set people free and give them life. Think of a person around you who needs Jesus. Pray for them. Ask the Spirit of God to lead you in what to say and ask Him to help you recognise opportunities to share your simple testimony – in brief, relevant and authentic moments of connection with those around you.

DESTINY BLESSING: Jesus has made us priests in His kingdom (1 Peter 2:5,9; Revelation 1:5-6). We are equipped to overflow God’s blessing to others (Deuteronomy 10:8; Numbers 6:22-27).

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  • DELIGHT in Jesus and declare your life message.
    Lord God Almighty, I DELIGHT myself in You! Your words are honey to my heart and sweetness on my lips. Speak truth and life through me, in Jesus’ name. May I DELIGHT Your heart, Father and bring You glory!
  • Invite Jesus into your friends’ DESTINY.
    Holy Spirit, alert me what to say to the friends I have listed and am praying for each day– so I can share the “truths that I have heard from my Father” at times and in ways that connect with their heart.
  • Invite Jesus to transform the DESTINY of your region.
    Father, we pray for those who do not believe Jesus is who He said he is and for those who will die in their sins. We pray that we as the Church will arise as harvest workers and bring the gospel of Jesus into the ripe harvest fields of our neighbourhoods across Australia and the nations of the world. (Acts 2:17-21)

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  • sue 10/03/2015, 9:31 pm

    From Sharon Lowah, Alice Springs: Wow! isn’t it amazing that it’s now the 21st day of the prayer and fasting! It has truly been amazing!

    Yesterday I met with a family (in a club) – mother, father (in their 20’s) and their 3 children. We sang songs to Jesus and about Jesus i.e. Jesus Loves Me. The children love this song – it’s their favourite!

    Then they did some colouring pages of Jesus. Then they ate and had time to play.

    I also spoke to the parents about why we are praying and fasting for the nation of Australia. We then each took turns in reading the theme scriptures for the 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting. I encouraged them to seek the Lord and find out His plans, His way of doing things in our lives…. so that we, as a people can really experience and live out the abundant life that the Lord has promised us!

    We then ended the fellowship in prayer…. it was a great time!

    Blessings, sherry

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