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DAY 27: Mon 16 March 2015

WEEK 5: Delight In Jesus And His Kingdom’s Dominion In Your Domain
DESTINY QUESTION: Lord, Who are my people?
By this we mean: Who are the people group God calls you to minister to and journey with? Your people may be from a particular locality, ethnicity, age group, cultural style or share formative experiences or purpose. Your key life scriptures, and prophetic words spoken by others, may help you discern God’s answers to your DESTINY Questions. Seek God’s revelation of your DESTINY beyond these 40 days until you have one sentence answers to all the questions.
Discern what God says to you. Journal what you hear and how this helps define your DESTINY journey.

QUICK DEVOTIONAL: Read the words in blue.

DELIGHT in who Jesus is: John 12:20-50 The Passion Translation. “Now is the time for the Son of Man to be glorified.” (John 12:23)

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DELIGHT in the Kingdom of God: the “divine conspiracy of God to overcome the human kingdoms of this world – at both the individual and the corporate or governmental level – with love, justice and knowledge of truth.” (Willard 2014 p307)

WONDER at how Jesus surrendered His life to God’s purpose.Even though I am torn within and My soul is in turmoil, I will not ask the Father to rescue Me from this hour of trial. For I have come to fulfil My purpose – to offer Myself to God. So Father, bringing glory to Your name!” (John 12:27)

PAUSE to express your response.

DELIGHT in offering yourself to God for His purpose. “A saint or hero is one who to a significant degree chooses to forgo or risk forgoing the enjoyment of goods or even necessities, perhaps life itself, for the sake of advancing the good of others.” (Willard 2014 p79)  Jesus said, “The person who loves his life and pampers himself will miss true life! But the one who detaches his life from this world and abandons himself to Me will find true life and enjoy it forever! If you want to be My disciple, follow Me and you will go where I am going. And if you truly follow Me as My disciple, the Father will shower His favour upon your life.” (John 12:25-26)

DELIGHT in the wonder of God’s favour upon your life – the blessings you receive daily! Believe for the resources needed by the people group in the sphere to which God assigns you!

DESTINY BLESSING: Our Father built regular patterns of blessing into Jewish life because He wants us to enjoy His favour. Receive God’s blessing and let His blessings flow through you to the people near you – bringing kingdom life to your people group and domain (Deuteronomy 28:1-14; 30:19-20).

(Click here to open the Audio Blessing in a new window).


  • DELIGHT in Jesus and invite His kingdom into your domain.
    Lord, everything was done so we can come. Everything is possible because You have won our hearts! I come to You to offer Myself to You again in this new day, that by Your grace and Your power I may fulfil my purpose for being among the people group to whom You have assigned me. Lord help me faithfully fulfil my DESTINY on earth to bring glory to You and for Your kingdom to come.
  • Invite Jesus into your friends’ DESTINY.
    Father, I pray for my listed friends that they might become true followers of Jesus who detach from this world and abandon themselves to Jesus – to go where He goes (John 12:25-26).
  • Invite Jesus to transform the DESTINY of your region.
    Jesus, Your light has come to our dark world and we no longer wander in darkness! I declare this in Your name (John 12:44-49)! Lord, we thank You and pray protection for the people of light who are prayer walking and ministering in our neighbourhoods, regions and nations – so hope dawns in our world and we see evil rulers of this world overthrown. We want to see Satan fall from the heavens over our regions as Your kingdom is established through local houses of peace – Houses of Prayer- everywhere (Luke 10:18).

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*We may share some of your insights and experiences with others, so please tell us if you prefer to be anonymous

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  • sue 16/03/2015, 9:20 pm

    Today’s word on Israel was written months ago – but timed for Israel’s election!
    David Rowsome writes:Hi Everyone,

    As we continue the 40 Days please find below an external call to pray and fast.

    This is for the Israeli election tomorrow and comes from a prophetic Jewish intercessor.

    It is not only for tomorrow but during the time the newly-elected government gets sorted and established.

    I bring this to your attention as I believe it has potential to impinge on the destiny of Australia.

    Thanks for your consideration. God bless!


    Invitation from National Day of Repentance:
    There will be a showdown in Israel this Tuesday. The fate of nations may hang in the balance. The citizens of Israel will decide if they want Benjamin Netanyahu to continue as their Prime Minister, or if they will gamble their future on a different course for their nation. What would I say to the voters of Israel, if I had access to their ears and their attention? I would say:

    **Take a long hard look at the present condition of the United States of America. This nation, a few short years ago, made a similar gamble on a change, and lost. The same promises … the same slogans … the same threats and negative prognostications were given to the American citizens in regard to our course. The majority trusted the campaign promises and slogans … thereby voting soulishly, without wisdom. They cast their lots with the un-vetted and unproven. Now we are counting the losses daily. What were projected and marketed as compassionate, prosperous, unifying changes turned out to be vicious, depreciating, ruthless, divisive changes that few could have ever imagined.

    **”The campaign ploy, calling for this nation to vote for “ANYONE BUT” the present leadership, told us that anyone was better than what we had in governance at that time. We were told that the values and strategies of the status quo were harmful, unjust, and outdated. The mood of discontentment and suspicion increased with every announced accusation (character assassination) made against the established administration and its values. Suggested entitlements, assuring the voters of a greater supply of material goods, seduced many of those, who were clamoring for a material “change”. No one explored what that change would be, or what the price would be, in terms of security and freedom if that change came into reality. Fear was the crowbar that was used to pry people away from applying wise discernment, and from examining things in the light of truth.

    **A spirit of discontent was inspired through promises of a glorious new thing to replace the established “old”, outdated, present course. The opposition, standing against the status quo, offered visions of a new hope and forward thinking that would appear through change; bringing a greater peace and popularity among the nations; accompanied by greater wealth for the common folk. No one stopped to ask what would be abandoned, or what would be sacrificed, from the essentials contained in the heart, and in the foundational fabric of this nation, because of that change. The growing agenda of contrived discontent produced an attitude of ingratitude and disrespect for the gifts, which the Lord that had endowed to this nation for generations. In this way, we became foolishly, hastily, prompted into scorning the things of inestimable value, which we had taken for granted.

    What we now have in the USA is not peace and prosperity. It is not respect among the nations, but rather the opposite. The nations now hold America in derision. We have lost our trusted leadership role, because we have left the foundations of justice, truth, wisdom, morality, and righteous responsibility. What we now have is weakness, an increasing loss of personal freedom, declining morality, and an increase in economy-crushing entitlements from those, who do not contribute to the welfare of this nation. Our borders have been dangerously opened to where the rules of citizenship, and the responsibilities that come with citizenship, have been abandoned. There has been a massive loss of national sovereignty, in favor of mandates being thrust upon us by the UN, and by the global powerbrokers, which want America to be nothing more than a submitted cog in their one world government. Our constitution has been largely set aside, while this “change” toward socialism has convinced many of our legislators that the way of the globalist future is a certain inevitability … one that cannot be countered successfully. As a result, they sit back and champion it, rather than fighting it, so that they can be seen standing on the “winning” side.

    Crime has flourished, as illegals and “refugees” … many of which been given access without Congressional approval … have brought gang activity or threatening Islamic agendas into our nation. Anarchist troublemakers, and criminal elements, are being bused into small, pre-fabricated, conflicts within our cities, in order to explode them into becoming battlegrounds … under the lie that these conflicts are arising out of true, widespread, injustice and inequity in our nation. Righteous law enforcement has been threatened and discredited. American armed forces are being supplanted by international troops; often being given authority over us … even on our own soil.

    America has never been weaker, more divided, or more at risk, as a result of these changes toward global socialism, and politically correct humanist foolishness.

    Be very careful how you vote, Israel! Be careful not to buy the shtick that yielding to the will of the nations will bring you peace and security. Forming a Palestinian State will bring you destruction. Allowing the UN, the Arab League, the EU or anyone else to take over your sovereign right of self-government … which incudes determining your borders, your policies, and your moral values … will have far reaching consequences that you will regret. Yielding to fear of what might be, and making the CHANGES, so that you become “approved, global humanists” of the international community, will set you directly against the way, will, and word of YOUR GOD, YHVH. You don’t want to go there. That is what the USA has been doing, and we are barely hanging on to our security, our freedom, and our prosperity. Israel, you have so much more to lose than we do. Both of our nations were given a trust and a role to play by YHVH. Both of our nations have been seduced and maneuvered by ungodly people to lay aside that trust and role. Don’t follow us down that same path.

    **Look carefully at what YOU DO HAVE, and how far you have come in just a generation.

    **Consider how your nation has repeatedly defeated overwhelming enemies and has prospered against all odds. Having more material things will be meaningless if missiles are raining down upon your heads; turning your homes and businesses into rubble. Having a nice apartment will mean nothing if those, who are sworn to strip you of your property, are given the right to throw you out of that apartment … all done with the blessing of your newly elected, global humanist, government. Having the promise of a positively changed life will become a reality of horror to you, when Islamic terror is in charge of your cities and towns. Your identity as Jews will soon be dissolved, when Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are Islamic strongholds, and subjected to international, global sovereignty … when you are divested of your historical Holy ground.

    **Believe in the truth that you, as a nation, are held in the palm of the Holy One of Israel. The nations do not determine your destiny, nor do they hold the power over your survival. If the nations truly had the power to determine your survival, Israel would have ceased to exist many years ago.

    **Take a deep hard look into the reasons why your enemies, and your humanist Left-wing politicians, vehemently HATE Benjamin Netanyahu. If your enemies hate a man in leadership, it is likely because he is an obstacle to your demise because of resisting their agenda. Don’t come into agreement with your enemies.

    **Consider WHY the Obama administration (which you mistrust and sometimes despise) is spending millions of dollars in the campaign to overthrow Bibi … while they are raising support for Herzog and Livni. Do you really want Obama lapdogs to govern your nation? If you don’t trust Obama, why would you entrust your nation to those, who will obey him? Obama hates Bibi, because Bibi will not surrender to Obama’s demands.

    **DON’T VOTE SOULISHLY based upon promises, fears, discontent, suspicion, and false claims. SEEK TRUTH and PURSUE IT!

    **Young people … don’t be taken in by the slick modern media tricks and ploys of Twitter, Facebook, and the like being thrust at you by the Left. NEW IS NOT NECESSARILY BETTER … and OLD IS NOT NECESSARILY OUTDATED AND BAD. When the Palestinian are handed YOUR God-given homeland … when you are disengaged, and when UN and Palestinian troops order you around … you will realize that you have traded your inheritance for a cellphone. It will be too late.

    In these few remaining days before the election, all of us, who love Israel … all of us, who love the truth, and who Love the God of Israel MUST speak out. We must pray and fast for this election. The judgment of YHVH will fall hard upon those nations and individuals, who divide up His land (Joel 3:2), and who undermine His chosen leadership. Press in while there is still time. If this election campaign is allowed to seduce the Jewish people away from truth, wisdom, faith, and honor, the outcome could be horrific for all of us. May YHVH have mercy!

    NOTE: If the election is too close to call … if there is a slight lead of one party over another, President Rivlin will offer the opportunity to one of the parties to form a coalition. That will be a cue for us to keep on praying for the chosen leadership, ordained by YHVH, to emerge. It may be many weeks before a successful coalition can be formed. During these weeks, Israel will be very vulnerable, as she operates without a unified, established, government. Many initiatives could be raised up against her at that time. PRAY EVEN HARDER as these weeks unfold. Pray for the safety of Israel and of her people. May the Lord have mercy! May He sort out this election His way … and very quickly!

  • sue 16/03/2015, 9:15 pm

    Hi Friends,

    I wanted to share what the Lord had placed on my heart for this year, about training up children to become little ‘Warriors’ for Him – based on House of Prayer (Luke 19:46a) and training up a child in the Lord’s ways. (Prov.22:6)

    I am so excited to tell you all about the family worship time at the park, on Sunday15/3/15.

    This is the 2nd time this year that this family and I have met to praise, worship and share about the Lord Jesus. The children call it ‘Jesus time’.

    TALKING TO JESUS: When we meet, we always open in prayer. The children LOVE praying and are always praying for themselves or other family members who are sick. Each time these children have prayed, in Jesus’ name, there’s ALWAYS been a healing!

    The oldest child (5yrs) loves to bless the food before we all eat. She loves praying!

    PRAISE & WORSHIP: The children (ages 2, 3 & 5yrs) have been singing and dancing to ‘Jesus Loves Me’ (their favourite) and various other songs that they love to hear on their IPAD. They also sing in one of their Aboriginal languages (Luritja) about the Lord.

    SHARING STORIES: They also share about how Jesus died on the Cross for all our sins – how these ‘bad men’ put nails in Jesus’ hands and feet. All of them get excited when they tell about how Jesus rose again! That’s one of their favourite stories.

    OTHER ACTIVITIES: Colouring in pictures are also fun! Last week they learnt about ‘Who Jesus Is’ and this week they were taught that ‘God made the world’ (Genesis 1:1). We will be learning a new song about ‘Creation’ in the next couple of weeks.

    EVANGELISM: These children ALWAYS share with others about who Jesus is, how he died for us, that He healed us, and that He’s coming back soon! They tell their school friends, other children in the neighbourhood and even grown ups! They are real little ‘evangelists’ for the Lord!

    GROWN UP TIME: While the children have been involved in their activities, I have had the opportunity to encourage their parents, based on the theme DESTINY (Jer. 29:11; Isaiah 60:1), to continue to pursue their relationship with the Lord.

    This time each week, gives them both the opportunity to share what the Lord has been showing them in His Word and the dreams and visions that He has given them. They also love to worship the Lord.

    We’ve also talked about the different callings and giftings in the body of Christ. They already can recognise the gifts that they have been given and are willing to learn more about them and how to use them for the benefit of the kingdom.

    I have attached some photos of the children engaging in the House of Prayer activities at the park.

    Many Blessings,


  • sue 16/03/2015, 10:26 am

    David Tensen says: Over 15,000 plays of audio blessings to date!

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