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DAY 30: Thurs 19 March 2015

WEEK 5: Delight In Jesus And His Kingdom’s Dominion In Your Domain
DESTINY QUESTION: Lord, Who are my people?
By this we mean: Who are the people group God calls you to minister to and journey with? Your people may be from a particular locality, ethnicity, age group, cultural style or share formative experiences or purpose. Your key life scriptures, and prophetic words spoken by others, may help you discern God’s answers to your DESTINY Questions. Seek God’s revelation of your DESTINY beyond these 40 days until you have one sentence answers to all the questions.
Discern what God says to you. Journal what you hear and how this helps define your DESTINY journey.

QUICK DEVOTIONAL: Read the words in blue.

DELIGHT in who Jesus is: John 14:1-20 The Passion Translation. “Jesus, the Way” (John 14:6)

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You may like to list the promises from this passage that DELIGHT you!

SEEK first His Kingdom dominion – His righteousness – in your own heart. (Matthew 6:33).

DISCERN: Am I more focussed on the place Jesus has prepared in heaven than letting Him reign in my heart?

Jesus’ kingdom dominion must first reign in us! “Humanity does not possess the answers to its own problems. The failure to recognise and understand this simple truth is the genesis of the encompassing search by social, political, and religious structures and institutions to forge paradise on earth.” “The problem – our problem – lies in the shadows of the human heart. Unless and until the human heart absorbs the sovereign goodness of God, the flourishing of our societies will remain elusive, and the very means used to attain prosperity will end up only hastening our demise.” (Willard 2014 p42,33) “If a person does not have God, they have to have something else. If they do not enjoy worshipping God Almighty, they find something else to worship.” “Human beings who have lost the mystery of God in their hearts, look for that mystery elsewhere.” “Idolatry is simply worship directed in any direction but towards God.”(Tozer 2008 p44,58,82)

DELIGHT in Jesus’ relationship with His Father. Jesus could say, “Anyone who has looked at me has seen the Father. Don’t you believe that the Father is living in me and that I am living in the Father? Even My words are not My own but come from My Father, for He lives in Me and perform His miracles through Me.” (John 14:6-11)

DELIGHT yourself in the Father who lives in us (John 14:10-11)! “You will know Him intimately, because He will make His home in you and will live inside you.” (John 14:17) “God is in us. Yahweh, the Almighty, Everlasting God, the I AM – that God – is inside us.” (Sheets 2014 p229)

DELIGHT in Jesus in you! (Ephesians 3:7, Colossians 1:27) Jesus, the way, truth and life, who “offers Himself as God’s doorway into the life that is truly life” (John 14:6). (Willard 1998 p19) Jesus said, “Those who rely on me shall do the works I do, and even greater ones.” (John 14:12) “How tremendous is the power available to us who believe in God.” (Ephesians 1:19-20)

DELIGHT in the intimate indwelling of the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-17, 26, Romans 8:11).The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.” (2 Corinthians 13:14) Fellowship [koinonia] means communion, sharing together, participation in or with, distribution, impart, partake, partnership, companionship. (Sheets 2014 p233) God’s desire for us is that we should live in Him. In its deepest meaning our universe is a community of boundless and totally competent love.” (Willard 1998 p18)

DESTINY BLESSING: Our Father built regular patterns of blessing into Jewish life because He wants us to enjoy His favour. Receive God’s blessing and let His blessings flow through you to the people near you – bringing kingdom life to your people group and domain (Deuteronomy 28:1-14; 30:19-20).

(Click here to open the Audio Blessing in a new window).


  • DELIGHT in Jesus and invite His kingdom into your domain.
    Jesus, I am available to have You live in me! I long to abide and rest and live in You, Father. I seek to fulfil the purpose for which I was created – fellowship with You! I DELIGHT in Your humility to dwell amongst us! Make me a worthy vessel of Your inhabitation. Unite us in agreement by Your Spirit, so You may dwell in our midst.
  • Invite Jesus into your friends’ DESTINY.
    Ask the Lord to prompt you to recognise people in your sphere of influence who are lonely. Pray for them and be sensitive to the promptings of the Lord to invite them into your home, church or small group fellowship.
  • Invite Jesus to transform the DESTINY of your region.
    Father, we pray for Your continuing outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our nation to fulfil our prophetic DESTINY. May we overflow the blessings of Your grace and reconciliation to the nations. All ethnic groups must taste and see the eternal quality and quantity of life that is available through Jesus Christ!

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  • sue 19/03/2015, 7:31 pm

    Warwick Marsh: Dear Sue
    Great devotional. Praying for you, Rod, Karen, David and your wonderful team of helpers and supporters.
    Much Love
    Warwick Marsh
    PS Ten days to go but I am not counting!!??##

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