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DAY 39: Sat 28 March 2015

WEEK 6: Delight In Jesus – Christ in you. You in Christ.
DESTINY QUESTION: Lord, who is Australia deep down?
Listen to what God reveals about the hidden parts of your nation. Discuss the spiritual formation of your nation’s identity in Christ. Share your insights via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/40DaysofDelight or www.40daysofdelight.com.au

QUICK DEVOTIONAL: Read the words in blue.

DELIGHT in who Jesus is: John 20:1-31 The Passion Translation. “They were overjoyed to see the Lord with their own eyes.” (John 20:20)

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DELIGHT in seeing Jesus with your own eyes. In his resurrection Jesus showed that personal existence is not dependent upon matter. Instead matter depends on Him! Death is merely release from the physical limitation and powers of our physical bodies. “The most exalted outcome of submersion in the risen Christ is the transformation of the inner self to be like Him!” (Willard 1998 p307) Hill (2014) proposes “that our inheritance invariably lies beyond the chasm of our own prejudices. It could be that your sweet spot, your deep fulfilment, is with the very people that you have a judgement about. Life will flow when that prejudice is removed.”

REFLECT on the false limitations and prejudices that hold back your transformation and that of your nation.

DELIGHT in Jesus and His kingdom come to restore all things in utter fullness.  As you contemplate your nation fulfilling its DESTINY, consider a community of people inhabited by God. There is a hugely significant future ahead. God purposes that a community of ordinary human beings will pervade the entire created realm and share in the government of it. Every event takes on its full reality and meaning, when it is seen, not only in the context of the visible world, but also in the context of God’s full world, the substantial reality of the spirit and the spirit world. (Willard 1998 p100) “Only in the light of such a creation and such a redeemed community is it possible for God to be known in his deepest nature.” (Willard 1998 p421) Visualise “peace as wholeness, as fullness of function, as the restful but unending creativity involved in a cosmos-wide, co-operative pursuit of a created order that continuously approaches but never reaches the limitless and greatness of the triune personality of God, its source.” (Willard 1998 p436) “The most amazing thing we can imagine in human existence is the unending fellowship of endlessly loving people. We yearn to love and be loved, to know and be known, to enjoy and be enjoyed in creative adventurous discovery. (1 John 4:11-16) “No greater meaning can be found to human existence than what God has appointed for those who know and love Him and His ways with their entire being. This is the church’s greatest opportunity – to model, demonstrate, and manifest the fruits of such a life as both a witness and a beneficiary of God’s overflowing goodness and agape love.” (Willard 2004 p305)

DECIDE your response to what Jesus says in John 20:21-23: “Just as the Father sent me, I’m now sending you. Receive the Holy Spirit. I send you to preach the forgiveness of sins to the people of your nation and beyond.

DESTINY BLESSING: We bless our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God! May His purposes and likeness be manifest on earth – bringing glory to the Father and heaven to earth (Psalm 103-104, Nehemiah 9:4-6).

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  • DELIGHT in Jesus and invite Him to transform your nation’s DESTINY.
    Father, You made every nation and determined the time and exact places where they should live so men would seek You and reach out and find You. I pray the people of our nation can face Your judgement (Acts 17:24-33).
  • Invite Jesus into your friends’ DESTINY.
    Lord, draw my friends into the unending fellowship of endless love in You and in the life of your Church.
  • Invite Jesus to transform the DESTINY of your region.
    Lord, show us the ways our nation denies that Jesus is the Son of God so we can bear true witness that we have seen You! (John 20:25) Lord, lead our nation to repentance. Breathe Your Holy Spirit on Your disciples so we fulfil our prophetic DESTINY as a South Land of the Holy Spirit and a missionary sending nation (Acts 2:17-21).

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*We may share some of your insights and experiences with others, so please tell us if you prefer to be anonymous

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  • sue 28/03/2015, 5:22 pm

    From Geoff: Thank you so much for the insights that you have shared these past 39 days. There has been too much for me to digest fully each day – and I didn’t get answers to all the Destiny Questions – but I believe that I have grown in my relationship with Him during this time. (I have spent at least half an hour each day, so something must have rubbed off!)
    Father God has indicated to me that through my developing intimacy with Him, He will show me how to receive healing from a medically incurable condition I have been diagnosed with – so I rejoiced when I received the first email!
    May He bless you greatly,

    PS In answer to the question “Who do You say Australia is?” (28 Feb) I saw a woman, running vigorously, with purpose -a free spirit; no encumbrances.

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