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John 1:19-34 TPT

There were some of the Jewish leaders who sent an entourage of priests and temple servants from Jerusalem to interrogate John. They asked him, “Who are you?”

John answered them directly, saying, “I am not the Messiah!”

“Then who are you?” they asked. “Are you Elijah?”

“No,” John replied.

So they pressed him further, “Are you the prophet Moses said was coming, the one we’re expecting?”

“No,” he replied.

“Then who are you?” they demanded. “We need an answer for those who sent us. Tell us something about yourself — anything!”

So, John answered them, “I am fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy: ‘I am an urgent, thundering voice shouting in the desert — clear the way and prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord Yahweh!’”

Then some members of the religious sect known as the Separated Ones questioned John, “Why do you baptize the people since you admit you’re not the Christ, Elijah, or the Prophet?”

John answered them, “I baptize in this river, but the One who will take my place is to be more honored than I, but even when he stands among you, you will not recognize or embrace him! I am not worthy enough to stoop down in front of him and untie his sandals!” This all took place at Bethany, where John was baptizing at the place of the crossing of the Jordan River.

The very next day John saw Jesus coming to him to be baptized, and John cried out, “Look! There he is —God’s Lamb! He will take away the sins of the world! I told you that a Mighty One would come who is far greater than I am, because he existed long before I was born! My baptism was for the preparation of his appearing to Israel, even though I’ve yet to experience him.”

Then, as John baptized Jesus he spoke these words: “I saw the Spirit of God appear like a dove descending from the heavenly realm and landing upon him — and it rested upon him from that moment forward! And even though I’ve yet to experience him, when I was commissioned to baptize with water God spoke these words to me, ‘One day you will see the Spirit descend and remain upon a man. He will be the One I have sent to baptize with the Holy Spirit.’ And now I have seen this revelation fulfilled with my own eyes! I can tell you for sure that this man is the Son of God.”

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  • sue 20/02/2015, 11:07 am

    From Rajahmundry India: Dear beloved in Christ,
    Thankyou for sending me 40 days prayers and close relationship with Jesus through this. We as Christ fellowship church in Rajahmundry India agreeing with you and participating this 40 days prayer with our congregation to pray for Australia South land of Holy Spirit, May God bring great revival and transformation to the nation.

    I have special heart for Australia since several years I am visiting and praying for Australia, May God bless each one of you, I passed your message to all my friends.
    Thanking you so much, we are waiting for your reply
    In Christ love

  • Sue Tinworth 20/02/2015, 9:13 am

    From Pastors Malcolm & Diana Dow: Our gathering at Beth Tephillah on Wednesday evening was encouraging. There are usually three of us for our regular, “Time with God”. On Wednesday seven gathered. We sang “One thing I ask”, “Only by grace”, and “Jesus, Jesus, Holy and anointed one” before moving into a time of praise which led into prayer. Spending time listening to the Lord was a new experience for some. The names of friends we are to bring to the Lord through this time was confirmed as we listened.

    Thank you all for leading us to delight in the Lord and know His delight in fresh ways.

    Grace and peace

    Mal and Di Dow
    Williamstown Baptist Church and
    Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre
    Pastors Malcolm & Diana Dow
    Email: pastors@bethtephillah.com
    Web: http://www.bethtephillah.com

  • Siu Churches 20/02/2015, 8:24 am

    …..the Spirit to descend and remain on a man…. Oh to be always led by the Spirit!

  • Bronwyn Kaye Everett 20/02/2015, 7:26 am

    Glory be!! That’s good!! I’m loving this!!

  • Ian Kilminster 20/02/2015, 4:23 am

    Why should anyone be ashamed at the coming out of the One who is beyond compare?
    This record from one of his closest friends is such beautiful & powerful language that it stirs our souls & spirits to the depths- & heights. Truly a work of the Holy Spirit!

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