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John 13:1-17 TPT

Jesus knew that the night before Passover would be his last night on earth before leaving this world to return to the Father’s side. All throughout his time with his disciples, Jesus had demonstrated a deep and tender love for them. And now he longed to show them the full measure of his love. Before their evening meal had begun, the accuser had already planted betrayal into the heart of Judas, the locksmith, the son of Simon.

Now Jesus was fully aware that the Father had placed all things under his
control, for he had come from God and was about to go back to be with him.
So he got up from the meal and took off his outer robe, and took a towel and
wrapped it around his waist. Then he poured water into a basin and began to
wash the disciples’ dirty feet and dry them with his towel.

But when Jesus got to Simon Peter, he objected and said, “I can’t let you
wash my dirty feet—you’re my Lord!”

Jesus replied, “You don’t understand yet the meaning of what I’m doing,
but soon it will be clear to you.

Peter looked at Jesus and said, “You’ll never wash my dirty feet—never!”

But Peter, if you don’t allow me to wash your feet,” Jesus responded,
then you will not be able to share life with me.”

So Peter said, “Lord, in that case, don’t just wash my feet, wash my hands
and my head too!” Jesus said to him, “You are already clean. You’ve been washed completely and you just need your feet to be cleansed—but that can’t be said of all of you.”

For Jesus knew which one was about to betray him, and that’s why he told
them that not all of them were clean.

After washing their feet, he put his robe on and returned to his place at
the table. “Do you understand what I just did?” Jesus said. “You’ve called
me your teacher and lord, and you’re right, for that’s who I am. So if I’m
your teacher and lord and have just washed your dirty feet, then you should
follow the example that I’ve set for you and wash one another’s dirty feet.
Now do for each other what I have just done for you. I speak to you timeless
truth: a servant is not superior to his master, and an apostle is never greater
than the one who sent him. So now put into practice what I have done for
you, and you will experience a life enriched with untold blessings!

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