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John 4:31-42 TPT

Then the disciples began to insist that Jesus eat some of the food they brought back from the village, saying, “Teacher, you must eat something.”

But Jesus told them, “Don’t worry about me. I have eaten a meal you don’t know about.

Puzzled by this, the disciples began to discuss among themselves, “Did someone already bring him food? Where did he get this meal?”

Then Jesus spoke up and said, “Every time I do the will of the Father who sent me, I enjoy a feast.

As the crowds emerged from the village, Jesus said to his disciples, “Why would you say, ‘The harvest is another four months away’? Look at all the people coming — now is harvest time! For their hearts are like vast fields of ripened grain — ready for a spiritual harvest. And everyone who reaps these souls for eternal life will receive a reward. And those who plant spiritual seeds and those who reap the harvest will celebrate together with great joy! And this confirms the saying, ‘One sows the seed and another reaps the harvest.’ I have sent you out to harvest a field that you haven’t planted, where many others have labored long and hard before you. And now you are privileged to profit from their labors and reap the harvest.

So there were many from the Samaritan village who became believers in Jesus because of the woman’s testimony: “He told me everything I ever did!” Then they begged Jesus to stay with them, so he stayed there for two days, resulting in many more coming to faith in him because of his teachings.

Then the Samaritans said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you told us, but now we’ve heard him ourselves and are convinced that he really is the true Savior of the world!”

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  • Peter Coleman 27/02/2015, 7:43 am

    Wow, obeying God is like eating a sumptuous feast. I pray that I am radically obedient. Thanks for this great 40 days of delight.

  • Karen Roberts 27/02/2015, 7:10 am

    What a great translation – I never before saw Jesus’ JOY about his conversation with the Samaritan woman.

  • René 27/02/2015, 5:17 am

    Thank you so much for this wonderful experience during Lent!! It is so encouraging in my walk with the Lord! I look forward to daily prayer time using the daily readings as inspiration for prayer. I’m fasting several days a week too for the first time in ages. May God bless you for your encouragement to the church to get on its knees before our magnificent Lord.

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