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Why Pray & Fast?

We get lots of questions about prayer & fasting…. 

What is the focus for 40 days of prayer and fasting in 2015 ?

40 Days of Delight! Your Destiny is found as you delight yourself in the Lord!

 Why pray & fast for 40 days?

40 Days of Delighting in our Lord will draw us closer to Him. Fasting draws us closer to Who matters most rather than What usually matters to us.  Fasting focuses us on God  rather than our physical and cultural realm.It changes our priorities and dependency, leading us to put our trust in God rather than our own strength and comfort. 40 days of intentional time apart abiding in God can deepen our love for Him and our ability to rest in and carry Jesus’ presence!

40 Days of prayer and fasting can increase the effectiveness of our prayer  by sharpening the way we pray – so we pray according to our Father’s heart; His will not ours!

40 Days of pray and fasting can help us learn how to overflow loving encouragement and support to those who need REVIVING– those who don’t know Jesus, are ill, frail, or encumbered with the burden and captivity of sin.

These 40 Days can impact the  life of others forever. We expect eternal and abundant  life to flow to  those we love most and pray for daily! We expect shifts in the Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit – and other nations are standing with us for this!

Do you love God and your fellow Aussies enough to join us?

How can I fast for 40 days?

You can fast as it seems right to you. It isn’t necessarily 40 days without food. For 40 days you might go without food on one meal a day or one day a week. You might fast from meat and rich foods – like Daniel, or from desserts, coffee, alcohol or negativity, TV….. whatever God quickens to you as the area that He invites you to give him authority in!

Here’s some more information on fasting:

Link: Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer. Campus Crusade for Christ http://www.cru.org/training-and-growth/devotional-life/personal-guide-to-fasting/index.htm

Link: The Power of United Prayer by Andrew Murray (1828-1917) http://www.believersweb.org/view.cfm?ID=305

Link: FASTING – An Effective Ancient Therapy for Today’s Health Concerns by   March 12th, 2014   http://nutritionstudies.org/fasting-effective-ancient-therapy-todays-health-concerns/?utm_source=Master+List&utm_campaign=559a491733-Mar14&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9941e1caac-559a491733-44112951

Is praying and fasting for 40 days scriptural?

Scripture tells us many Biblical leaders prayed and fasting– Ezra and the returning exiles, Nehemiah, David, Daniel and the disciples. Jesus and Moses did it for 40 days. (Luke 4:1-2, Exodus 34:28, Deuteronomy 9:18)

Do all churches back praying and fasting for 40 days?

Some traditions observe Lent each year before Easter. Others adopt seasons of prayer and  fasting according to their church or denominational form, or as led by God. We choose to hold the 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting during Lent  so we can stand as one in a season when much of the church is already praying and fasting.

How long have you been hosting 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting?

Rob Isaachsen, through Transforming Melbourne called for 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting from 1998.Sue Tinworth joined TM and prepared the 40 Days from 2006, taking this national through Partners in Prayer & Evangelism from 2010. From  2011 this call to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting was linked to the National Day of Prayer & Fasting. www.nationaldayofprayer.com.au Since 2013 many nations pray with us on our national day of prayer & fasting and during  these 40 days! In 2014 we estimate 10,000 joined the 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting.